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Darby Janssen

Your go-to place for all your Darby Janssen needs

9/14/06 11:44 pm - Bands I've gotten into recently:

Sean Lennon
Beans on Toast
The Submarines
The Streets
Bloodhound Gang (rediscovered)

I am on a quest for new musics

9/14/06 11:29 pm

I wonder if anybody's noticed that my AIM away message has been "I need a girlfriend" for the past month ahahha

I'm such a fuck

9/13/06 08:13 pm



Friendly Fire needs to come out RIGHT NOW so I can 'buy' it.


Link to Preview Movie which is godly

9/13/06 06:27 pm

I wonder how sick and fucking tired Jim Davis is of drawing Garfield

9/13/06 04:34 pm - Tired

Now that I'm back in school, I keep feeling like "I have one more year of this?" and "I fucking hate school."

The more I stay home the more I am annoyed by my parents.  I can't wait to move out.

I hate my physics class, it's a gigantic waste of time.  Mrs. Priest assigns two types of assignments:  labs and busy work.  But mostly busy work.  It's driving me crazy.

I forgot to wear a sweater to school so I was freezing all day.  To top that off, though, we also had a really lengthy fire drill.  It was drizzling and cold and I stood in the football field feeling very very tired from last night.

This weekend is going to be insane.

I'm sore EVERYWHERE today.  Yesterday I tried my hardest in PE, and I'm paying for it today.  Everything aches, and I can't lift my legs when I'm sitting down so in order to cross my legs I need to move them with my arms, which hurts my very sore shoulders.  I can't do anything without feeling sore.

9/12/06 12:09 am - I also made a sweet collage

Deadly Woody

By Darby Janssen

I made this collage for English.  ..Everybody that's seen it says it's freakin' sweet.  I had to scan it in three parts, so some parts don't line up properly.  Oh well.

9/11/06 08:11 pm - Bunny Say Kill

by Darby Janssen

I've submitted this to threadless.  Click on it for the HUGE version.  This took three hours to make.

Also Happy 9:11!

9/10/06 07:18 pm - Woo


I worked for an hour today to register this domain (it was $10, I make $10 an hour, so it worked out).

I'm thinking that I'll use it for a portfolio website, and as a kind of PHP / MySQL / AJAX testing ground.

It will be a self-made blog showcasing my design abilities, and I might actually use it as a replacement for this LiveJournal.  There are a few things I need to work on, though, for it to be self-sufficient.  I may or may not have an account system.  I really need to work on Security.

The name, ProtoRetro, is pretty clever I think.  Rather than being retro, I'm being protoretro.  Proto- is a prefix meaning backwards, so I'm 'looking into the future' with this website.

I also hate having a crush.  And, I have one.  And it's driving me nuts.

9/10/06 03:44 pm - Steve the legally unfireable guy ruins bring your pet to work day

The first  week of school has entirely ridden me of depression and self-doubt.  I am a new man.

In other news I got a haircut and black licorice jagermeister is the most horrible tasting thing on the planet.

9/7/06 11:57 pm - Steve the legally unfireable guy discovers sexual harassment

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